Privacy Policy

The use of any Company computing or communication resources also implies the agreement to and understanding of policies and procedures set forth below regarding their use.

Computers and other resources are provided for the purpose of business-related activity. Therefore, use of computers, networks, storage, etc. for personal reasons (including but not limited to instant messaging, surfing the web, downloading and sharing media) should be very limited.

The use of Company computing or communication resources while engaging in illegal or immoral activity may be grounds for termination. These activities include, but are not limited to illegal downloading, storage, or use of copyrighted media and engaging in gambling or pornography via the Internet.

If you are doing media creation (movies, songs, pictures, slideshows, websites, blogs, newsletters) you must make sure that you understand and follow all applicable laws and that you understand your responsibilities in using copyrighted materials, including written permission for sync, mechanical or other licenses and timely payment to copyright holders for the use of such materials.

The use of any Antioch computing or communication resources implies consent to the monitoring of computing or communications resources (including but not limited to monitoring the use of Company computers, software, telephone system, network, printers, and Internet connection) by the IT department to prevent abuse and misuse thereof.